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Book review- On Writing

Any writer, beginner or otherwise, is filled with doubts about their work, questions regarding the craft they so much love and how or if they can bring some joy to their readers. Our first question to big writers, whose bestsellers touched the world is, how did you do it? There is no right answer for … Mais Book review- On Writing

What is a strong protagonist?

What is a strong protagonist? Some time ago, I got a comment in one chapter of “My Wonderful Second Life” that baffled me a little. I always said, and I strongly (not pun intended) believe it to be true, that the main character of my story, Lulu, is strong and brash. But this reader didn’t … Mais What is a strong protagonist?

Why do I think you should write on Wattpad (or other online platform)?

If you are new on the writing scene and have only recently started writing, my advice is to share your work (the beta version) in Wattpad (or others). The reason is that you want to build a network of people who like your work in order to be successful in your writing life. Better place … Mais Why do I think you should write on Wattpad (or other online platform)?

About me

What to say about me? In simpler terms, I am a writer, engineer and a cat lover. Mother of Odin (a Norwegian forest cat) and an eager traveller. Since young my expertize was to dream of worlds beyond ours, full of life and supportive characters. As I grew older, these worlds grew more complex and … Mais About me

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