Book review – Surrounded by idiots

My first book review will centre on a book I read recently, which I found interesting to share with my readers.

Written by Swedish Thomas Erikson, this book, even though has a provocative title, does not treat people as idiots. Actually, its intention is for the reader to have a better understanding of people around himself, and why they behave sometimes the way they do. And what some consider idiots or idiotic behaviour may just be a misunderstanding of people’s actions.

What did I like?

I liked the style of the author. The way he presented the topic was fun and informative, with loads of life examples. I was interested specially in the work related type. These helped me, as a reader, to grasp better the concepts and ideas proposed by the author.

It was interesting to know about the four colour personality system and how each behaved differently, and it took no effort to understand and read it through. Even those not familiar with human psychology would have no trouble to understand it.

What did I not like?

There is only one negative in this book (at least that I see for myself).

I am not sure if one should take it all written there as universal truth though. While fun and snazzy, I would suggest to dig on other psychology books to deepen the understanding of the human mind (e.g. Social Intelligence by Daniel Goleman). Again, I am not sure how scientifically proven is this, so it’s good to always have other sources as well.

Would I recommend?

Yes, certainly! And to everyone. I think the topic is fascinating, specially to writers. Understanding humans and how and why they do some choices, helps us to better write our characters and their motivations. But in general, I believe this would be helpful to everyone who has to work with other people or even live around with others. So basically almost everyone!

How I would rate it?

8.5 out of 10

Very fun read. Informative and easy to grasp. Yet we have to be careful not to just take everything as scientifically proven. Suggestion: Complement it with other books that tackle human psychology!

Have a nice day!

By Odin’s Mother, Andrea

You can also check the review my cat Odin did on the book! Far from a serious one it may put a smile on your face!! Check it: @odin, The skogskatt

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