Why do I think you should write on Wattpad (or other online platform)?

Image taken from: Wattpad – Wikiwand

If you are new on the writing scene and have only recently started writing, my advice is to share your work (the beta version) in Wattpad (or others).

The reason is that you want to build a network of people who like your work in order to be successful in your writing life. Better place to do so is online. By blogs, social media or, even in this case, writing platforms.

I understand that putting your material for free may be scary. I have been there myself, so that is why I started “My Wonderful Second Life” instead of putting the story I had already finished (at least the first book). “My Wonderful Second Life” was nothing more than a side project, which was fun but of little importance. In all I wanted just to get more people to know of my writing.

Alas, now is such a driving force for me I write or edit it every day. And the reason is, besides me loving the characters and the world, is because of the engagement. People actually like my story and wait for updates! 

Writing is a lonely process and full of doubts, specially when you are a newbie, so sharing online can get you not only feedback but support as well. The last, very important to propel you forward into continuing writing.

I cannot tell you how many times I have told myself my writing was awful and no one would be interested in reading it. Then I received a notification that someone liked some of my work or even commented really nice things about it. And my will to write restored itself.

Again, this platform is not for everyone, not all stories are bound to have a lot of traction. There are some genres that fare better than others. And I knew right away that “My Wonderful Second Life” would get some traction, because of its genre. I wrote it with that in mind.

Still Wattpad is a great place to do some networking and even get some feedback. They have some statistics as well, which you can use to check and see what chapters had more engagement, where are your readers coming from or even their age interval. All acceptable tools in case you would like to self-publish it afterwards or just to know where your public lies.

Also, there are several book clubs, reviews shops and even editors on the platform that can actively help you a lot to perfect your story.

Anyway, just a thought for you young writer, if you are thinking of trying an online platform but are still unsure. Not everything is positive with Wattpad (and I can tell about it in a later post), however is a good way to start your writing journey. It motivates you to write, when you have a public, gives you some exposure and hopefully some great feedback that improves your craft and your work.

Not everyone gets traditionally published, but the way things are moving, that certainly is not the only way to move forward as a writer. However, that is only possible if you write!! So write and write! That is the most important step! And you can start on these platforms, for a test run.

Be free to comment! And sharing your input!

Have a nice day,


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