My Wonderful Second Life reached 25K!

Last week “My Wonderful Second Life” reached an important milestone. I know 25k views may not seem such a big deal, it is however exhilarating to know a considerable amount of people have read my story. It is a tiny victory, yet it feels like the entire world to me.

This was such an emotional thing because the story started out of nothing. Just some idea I had when I was feeling sad and alone, something that brought some light back to me. To help me sleep better on the long winter nights (I wrote it back in January 2021). And then it grew and made me a better writer and more driven by my goals.

I write or work on my writing every day. It made me start my blog and several social media. It allowed me to grow as a writer and to think of writing as something else besides just scrabble I make. 

Lulu and her adventures were the push for me in my dark times. And to have people read, waiting for updates and even thank me for writing has been the strength that pushed me to go forward. 

To my readers, I will be eternally grateful. And to those who have not yet started on that journey maybe this is a good time to do so. Just follow this link to check it and maybe support me as well:

The story is, for now, available on Wattpad and it’s free.

Thank you all,

Mother of Odin

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