About me

What to say about me?

In simpler terms, I am a writer, engineer and a cat lover. Mother of Odin (a Norwegian forest cat) and an eager traveller. Since young my expertize was to dream of worlds beyond ours, full of life and supportive characters. As I grew older, these worlds grew more complex and the characters deeper in meaning.

I wrote my first texts in my middle school journal, and even today I remember the thrill and the happiness I felt when the journals got released to the public. Knowing that people enjoyed my texts and my worlds excited me.

For a long time, I wrote small texts while my mind continued to expand on the worlds that were being born in my mind. Because of school and university, I never got around with writing them as I should. Then one day, at home, I decided it was time.

So, I wrote The Return of Magic, the first volume. The happiness of being in that world made my days sunnier and happier. I realised afterwards that editing was a much harder job than I had expected. And to escape again, a little, I tried a new world that was calling me. A fun, dazzling, crazy, yet with a pinch of darkness. In this desire for some easiness and lightness, on some dark times (Corona was very much prevalent at the time), Lulu was born and so was the world of “My Wonderful Second Life”, and then what was supposed to be a side project, grew bigger and more important.

Lulu, brash and decisive nature, turned my world upside down and led me through her (still ongoing story), never letting me go. It is a never ending joy to tell her story and to know what people think of her and her world. I am learning to be an even better writer and hope one day I improve enough to have her story published as she deserves, in a paper format! One day maybe, now however, you are free to check her story online at Wattpad.

In here, I will let you on my journey as writer, reader and podcaster, and many others. You will know my worlds, my characters and hopefully see me grow as a writer as well. So, Welcome to my world! I am glad you are here to make me company!

With a warm hug,


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