Book review- On Writing

Any writer, beginner or otherwise, is filled with doubts about their work, questions regarding the craft they so much love and how or if they can bring some joy to their readers.

Our first question to big writers, whose bestsellers touched the world is, how did you do it?

There is no right answer for it, I am afraid, but for sure “On Writing” by Stephen King can help you reach some conclusions. May not give the answers for bestsellers, yet I am sure it would quench your thirst for knowledge on the writing business and how to improve and be a better writer.

Mr King’s simple and easy approach to this book is perfect for the reader to understand where he comes from as a writer, what shaped him and what he sees as important for the craft. The tips he leaves on those pages are golden to young and beginner writers and certainly have helped me in my process.

So what did I like?

If I say all, is it too much? Maybe… but it veers close to the truth.

The author shows here, indirectly, why his one of the best living authors of the present day. And while the book has nothing of fiction in here, it has a lot of truth.

I read it twice by now and I find it still very helpful to my creative process. I think the writing sphere has changed since he wrote this book in 1999. However, many of his tips (if not all) are still great and actual. Writing is still writing anyway. Even if you have new platforms, self-publishing is on the rise and bookstores are now competing with online retail. Writing is writing.

What did I not like?

Nothing. Not that I agree with everything he has written. I believe the writing process to be quite personal and not the same for two people, and what may work for some may not work for others. Still, having one of the greatest writers share his process is always helpful, especially when it’s written with such charm that is hard to let it go.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. If you write and are interested in writing and its process, definitely.

This book is for those whose path crosses writing. For any other, it may be fascinating to know about Mr Stephen King’s journey to becoming the writer he is. The rest may be less fun.

Rate 5/5 or 9.5/10

By Mother of Odin.

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