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What is a strong protagonist?

What is a strong protagonist? Some time ago, I got a comment in one chapter of “My Wonderful Second Life” that baffled me a little. I always said, and I strongly (not pun intended) believe it to be true, that the main character of my story, Lulu, is strong and brash. But this reader didn’t … Mais What is a strong protagonist?

My Wonderful Second Life reached 25K!

Last week “My Wonderful Second Life” reached an important milestone. I know 25k views may not seem such a big deal, it is however exhilarating to know a considerable amount of people have read my story. It is a tiny victory, yet it feels like the entire world to me. This was such an emotional … Mais My Wonderful Second Life reached 25K!

Book review- The Gospel of Loki

This time I bring a book review that falls under auspicious time… Curiously, a little different from what happens at the end of the book… The book of today’s review is The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris, just in time for the finale of Loki’s series. As one would expect from the title, … Mais Book review- The Gospel of Loki

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