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Welcome to my site and home to my creative world, where I share tips, book reconmendations, my own books and much more!!

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October recommendation- How to sell your book today

The month begins with a book suggestion and this one is quite relevant for the writers out there. “How to Sell Your Book Today” by Karen Hodges Miller. As I consider Self-Publishing as an option for my hobby (yes, you guessed… writing) I read about it from around. Many think it is easy, but Self-Publishing…

Which tools I use? Grammarly

Time has come for me to talk about one tool I use in my writing. Grammarly.  I use it mostly online and in Wattpad as I like its add on more than the one ProWritingAid (which I bought the premium) provides. Though both have its strengths, I preferred to use premium for pro writing (as…

Book review- On Writing

Any writer, beginner or otherwise, is filled with doubts about their work, questions regarding the craft they so much love and how or if they can bring some joy to their readers. Our first question to big writers, whose bestsellers touched the world is, how did you do it? There is no right answer for…

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