October recommendation- How to sell your book today

The month begins with a book suggestion and this one is quite relevant for the writers out there. “How to Sell Your Book Today” by Karen Hodges Miller.

As I consider Self-Publishing as an option for my hobby (yes, you guessed… writing) I read about it from around. Many think it is easy, but Self-Publishing takes a lot of work, especially when you want a professional look.

And even then, nothing guarantees people would find your book. Who guarantees you ask? Nothing. However, an excellent marketing strategy helps you put your book out there, find its niche and loyal readers and maybe earn back the money you invest (or even more!)

This book is just that, a way to help you create your own marketing strategy, giving you ideas and tips on how to do it. And brings examples too!

For you to understand how influenced I was about I will tell you something… I got to work more on Twitter because of it and found a wonderful community out of my engagement. If you want to invest in something, it is always good to read and study it. Since I actually love to study (an engineer who passed most of her life studying) it is no big feat to me… yet this book made it more organized so I could understand online sales and what may or may not work.

If you are unsure how to market your book and how to reach your audience, then you need a marketing strategy. You obviously can read it on the internet. But if you want something more organized and without losing too much time searching countless blogs, maybe this is for you.

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